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Today, the development of computer technology is so rapid that only specialists are able to thoroughly understand all the nuances of their work, setup and repair. However, if you are a simple user and want your computer, laptop, or network to work smoothly at home or in the office, you may need to contact computer support specialists more than once.

Computer Repair is Needed When:


You will need computer repair if:

  • You must install Windows and your applications and applications on your computer or laptop.
  • Your computer or laptop is  working poorly  or not working at all.
  • Accidentally deleted important information and needs to be restored.
  • Need to set up wifi or a network between computers at home or in the office.
  • Need to connect and configure printers, scanners, faxes, or other devices.
  • The computer is infected with viruses and needs to be “cleaned”.

Advantages of computer assistance in Geeks On The Spot

  • Accept applications in 24/7 mode, execute them promptly

  • No unnecessary costs for computer assistance - the price for all services is fixed

  • We have special offers for regular customers

  • Quality of our work is confirmed by the guarantee, your equipment will work with us without interruption

  • We can repair and repair everything - any year of manufacture and manufacturer

What we do:

  • Installing Applications (MS Office and others)

  • Virus Removal and Treatment

  • Wi-Fi network settings

  • Video card replacement

  • Processor Replacement

  • Hard disk replacement

  • Connecting the printer

  • Installing Mac OS

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Geeks on the Spot provides premium quality computer repair and support services to homes and businesses nationwide. We offer a safe and convenient online support as well as support for homes and offices.