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Geeks on the Spot is a team that is professionally engaged in the maintenance and repair of digital equipment with minimal time. Our specialists will help you repair almost any malfunction related to phones, computers, laptops or tablets. We are a team that has been working in the Computer market for over 10 years. During this time we managed to serve a huge number of customers. After all, our company not only sells computers, but also performs specific work related to the operation and setup of computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. We also service computer equipment. We offer organizations and individuals services in the prevention, maintenance and repair of equipment previously purchased.

Remote Assistance Services

Remote computer assistance, repair and setup of your computer or laptop online. Many users have heard about the ability to remotely repair and set up a computer, but in practice, few use it. And today, a “remote computer assistant” for laptops and computers is a much needed service. There are often situations where computer users have various problems and need technical support. Unfortunately, not always the one who can help is near with the user, and is ready to show the steps needed to solve certain tasks or just give advice. Moreover, in order to solve many problems, a specialist must see your computer or what is happening on the screen of your laptop in order to say what is wrong. We offer you qualified computer assistance services. Need to install Windows and drivers, clean your computer or laptop from viruses? Set up a router or LAN? No problem!

Our remote specialist who will help you troubleshoot your computer can gain control over a remote computer using your computer’s mouse and keyboard and special software. After you give him the access password . The Remote Assistant can train or advise the user on a variety of applications on a mobile phone. This is very advantageous for the customer, as you do not need to attend any special courses or spend time explaining on the Internet how to do it.  Call us , we will help! Often, the problem can be remotely resolved within 10-20 minutes, and in conjunction with Remote Assistance, you will be able to get free advice and guidance on how to use your computer or how to handle Windows , MacOS . Our specialist will tell everything, show you and help you solve almost any problem remotely 

Why us

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Professionals of our company at installation and adjustment of programs will provide safe operation and convenient use of equipment in all modes, prevent emergencies and extend the functional potential of computers. Our company provides a wide range of software installation and setup services, plus you save time and money.

Remote Tech

10years of experience

What are the benefits of remote computer assistance or setting up your laptop online?

Today, every computer or laptop, from time to time, needs to install or update new software, BIOS, cure and remove viruses or banners with annoying ads, install antivirus, speed up work, install Viber, Skype, and more. However, why spend valuable time waiting for a wizard from a service center if a remote assistant can quickly solve many problems that may occur with computers or laptops. Moreover, the cost of services provided by a remote helper is much lower than calling a wizard home.

The main advantage of this online service is the speed of solving problems related to the settings of your laptop or PC. Now you can get a complete online service of computer technology at a much cheaper price than the usual departure of the master home. The benefits of remote assistance are that it is an ambulance with a computer over the internet, providing it at your convenience, prompt help or online advice, compared to leaving a specialist. The downsides of these services – not all problems can be remotely resolved and a stable internet connection is required.

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